Among the maximum weights of ranking factors, we certainly find links, in particular inbound links or those that we receive from other sites on the web. Without links, the world wide web would not exist, and Google (which is the first search engine for posting) uses these links to determine the authoritativeness and relevance of the content on the sites.

Every SEO expert who can be defined as such is aware of the importance of building a high quality profile link. You don’t in fact need a high number of entrance connections to grow link popularity. In fact, you need portals that have a link to your site that have some relevance on the web.

We like defining link building as the art of building the authority of a website within the internet, in particular building its consideration in the eyes of search engines.

Why Menford?

Years of experience in the SEO world allowed us to fully understand the potential of link building.

Planning a link building campaign is a painstaking job. You need to know how to calculate timing well and site values on which quality content will be published containing links to your main site.

What we offer you:

Link Building D.O.C

We like defining our Link Building as D.O.C: our link builders carry out accurate site selection while the copywriting team studies and edits quality content that will be published on selected portals.

All websites in the network must respect (and maintain) certain fundamental requirements to be part of our trusted publisher rankings.

Here are some of the metrics that we consider to evaluate the quality of a website:

Copywriting excellence

The quality of our texts is not only thanks to the work of our content generation team but is the fruit of the close collaboration between our copywriters and SEO experts that, after an in-depth keyword search, draw up SEO guidelines that our writers (or your copywriters if you have a dedicated team) will use to produce content.

Creating textual content happens by following a specific process:



We choose the best publishers

Menford’s publisher package boats more than heterogeneous 1000 sites. We choose the most suitable for your link building campaign.


We create content for your campaign

After studying keywords to work on, we create ad hoc directives for copywriters who create content from zero.



We schedule publications

We plan accurate scheduling for publications so to make the link acquisition campaign for your most effective and high performing link campaign.


We publish content

We take care of the content publishing process by checking that publishers have respected all the guidelines provided by our SEO team.


We monitor the campaign

Thanks to the best SEO and LINK BUILDING tools, we can monitor campaign performance and align the next steps according to the results we obtained.


We create reports

We take care of creating reports (weekly or monthly) to show the client the work that has been carried out and the results obtained to optimise the next steps.


The sites used for campaigns are selected based on theme, site type and SEO metrics that identify the authority.

We could lie to you and say that results will be immediate. Link Building is an OFF-PAGE SEO activity that needs patience and consistency, but especially quality. On average, results are seen in the medium to long term usually between 6 and 12 months, but it depends on the type of topic.

There’s no predefined number of links that can or can’t guarantee the success of a campaign. Our Link Building ideas are based on the right compromise between quality and quantity.

After many years of specialising in link building, we’re proud to say that we’ve never been penalised by search engines. We can, however, intervene in sites that were penalised.

A transparent link building campaign includes both link types, even if we prefer acquiring the DOFOLLOW link type.

If you already have an internal copywriter, we’ll be happy to supply you with the technical guidelines that should be respected when writing the texts.

We guarantee that they’ll be permanent for at least 1 year but in most cases the links are established as permanent. With the exception of deleted sites or non-renewed domains. However we do try to choose publisher sites with serious projects and future projects behind them.

No, Menford takes care of everything that concerns publisher sites, from communication to final payment.

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