Increasingly more attention must be paid to finding appropriate blogs on which you publish quality content aligned with the strategy you want to follow. The Blog Outreach service, that is, connecting bloggers who want to remunerate their sites and advertisers who want to promote their own products, therefore becomes fundamental.

In preliminary analysis, our experts consider numerous factors that determine how good a site/blog is.

Here are the main ones:

Once the relationship is established, we move onto studying and creating content, always bearing in mind the importance of going and intercepting the target audience both with the advertiser’s product and with the audience that the blog has already acquired over time.

We contact the best Blogs and Sites

Contacting Blogs and Websites is a long process. Fortunately for you, we’ve already done the dirty work and over the years we’ve built solid relationships with thousands of bloggers and writers on very different vertical sites. Our job is to work directly with these editors to guarantee prompt publication of content.
Here are some characteristics that we evaluate before launching collaborations with a blog:

We write content for you

Once the most appropriate blogs for your campaign have been chosen, we dedicate ourselves to creating content. The quality of our texts is not only thanks to the great work of our content generation team but is the fruit of the close collaboration of our copywriters and SEO experts who compile SEO guidelines after an in-depth keyword search, which our writers (or your copywriters if you have a dedicated team) use to produce content.
Creating content happens by following a specific process:

We plan publications

Once the content has been created and revised in synergy with the client, we move onto the final phase of the process: planning publications. Not all content is equal.

There are some with an immediate deadline (like the news) and others who instead are created to ride a trend of the moment or seasonality (for example the Christmas holidays).

Planning textual content happens by following a specific process:

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