SEO consultation is a service, provided by an expert that goes under the name of SEO consultant, aimed at providing every information and recommendation for better ranking of a website. Hence, many benefits are thereof derived, from intensified traffic to increased trade volume on the website.

SEO consultation: to what purpose?

A SEO consultancy serves many different purposes, among which:

  • Better ranking of a website on Google and other search engines. Due to the expertise of an SEO advisor, it is possible to employ every technique and strategy aimed at enhancing the ranking of a website on different search engines (not only Google but also Bing, Yahoo, and all the others).
  • Increasing the website’s visibility. One of the most important results arising from an SEO consultancy is that of increasing the traffic on a specific website and all the benefits thereof, from the perspective of visibility and added economic value.
  • Increasing an e-shop’s trade, or more generally that of any website. Some of the most important benefits apply to e-shops because in their case, to a better ranking related to specific keywords match more visits and thus more trade in specific products. The traffic originated from search engines is the highest quality one because researches therein are performed by individuals in need of a specific product and therefore they are ready to purchase it. This situation implies increased trade for an e-shop’s owners (or, more in general, the owners of any website).

The role of the SEO advisor

The SEO consultant fosters a website’s ranking in the first page of search engines, which is generated according to keywords, through different analysis techniques, optimization and sponsoring activities.

How to detect when an SEO advisor has competence and experience? A good SEO consultant always discloses its portfolio of SEO projects, past and present, in order to demonstrate his/her “results on the field”. The best criterion for the evaluation of an SEO advisor is the experience: it is impossible to turn “seasoned SEO advisor” in a moment, but the process requires years of practice.

An SEO advisor should have his/her own project. To rely on somebody who is managing his/her own projects means to rely on somebody who has command of digital business as a whole, and not only of the SEO, risks and consequent tricks included.

Last but not least, it is better to rely on a SEO agency rather than a single freelance because a digital marketing campaign is likely to have more success if led by more than one person. This is due to the possibility of brainstorming and sharing ideas on projects rather than a single freelance with his/her own personal mind-set.

How does an SEO consultancy work?

A SEO consultancy should be personalised to the maximum possible extent: in order to do so, the client should provide all the relevant information for the performance of a proper analysis and for the understanding of what should be done next.

Generally speaking, there are two sorts of SEO consultancy for websites or e-shops: one for new projects about to be launched and one for the optimization and promotion of projects already in place. Let’s give a closer look to them.

SEO consultancy for projects yet to be launched

As per every new project, it is paramount that the consultancy not only focuses on the operative part of it, but also that the advisor analyses from the SEO perspective the market in which the project will unfold. More specifically, a good SEO consultancy for new projects includes:

  • Study of the relevant market. The advisor will highlight the dynamics, the main stakeholders, the proper timing of searching volumes, the opportunities and the challenges in a given online business.
  • Keyword research. You will be provided with keywords for prompting your website, the estimated number of monthly searches according to those keywords and how many competitor websites are already ranked according to them.
  • In depth-research on competitors. Getting to know the others is an important feature. The study of competitors includes the understating of who they are, how they operate online and what their assets are.
  • Planning of the soon-to-be website’s structure. As per an architect for a building, an SEO expert know how important is a website’s structure with no flaws. According to the client’s preferences and budget, the advisor creates a work plan for enhancing the website’s structure according to the search engines’ parameters.
  • Content planning. When a house has solid walls, then it requires interior design: the website’s content represents the furniture, adding value to the website. It is important to prepare, together with the client, a calendar for contents which are original and high-quality, so that the website’s value is increased. Differently to all-purposes-freelancers, our mission is that of “few things but high quality” rather than “many things and poor quality”. Therefore, in the creation of content, Menford employs professional copywriters.
  • Campaign planning. Once the website or e-shop is online, visitors will not simply appear but it is necessary that the SEO advisor creates an optimization plan off-site aimed at increasing the visits to the portal.

SEO consultancy for already in-place websites

The difference here is that usually the task involves the analysis and subsequent intervention on websites already existing and that often suffer from flaws that impair their ranking on search engines.

A SEO consultancy on websites already in place involves the following activities:

  • Analysis of the relevant market, competitors and keywords. These activities apply to existing websites as well because an experienced SEO advisor cannot merely optimize the client’s website but he/she must have a wide vision of the context in which the website is located.
  • Analysis of the website’s (or e-shop’s) pages more capable of conversion. Within the analysis of a website it is paramount that the pages generating the more traffic or trade are studied with greater attention: the final goal of creating trade and incomes shall not be forgotten! This activity involves the identification of pages, their selection according to the client’s budget and their usefulness in fact (a page with many visits is not necessarily a page capable of creating a good volume of trade) and the organic study on which keywords it already ranks and which are potential competitive new ones.
  • Optimization of the website’s structure. The SEO Advisor provides you with an estimate of the activities required for fixing bugs and errors in your website and explain the consequent costs. Optimization does not mean only to repair, but also to add tools capable of making the browsing easier for users and of better ranking the website on search engines.
  • Optimization of contents already in place. The presence on the website of long-term contents does not imply that they cannot be improved. A professional SEO consultancy studies those contents and advises on further action for completing and enhancing them on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. This activity is not limited to intervention on the texts but also on HTML features, providing the search engines’ spiders with the information they need for recognising contents.
  • Planning of new contents. After the optimization, an online website cannot be left alone. On the contrary, it requires new contents from time to time because it demonstrates that the website is still active. Therefore, the update of a firm’s blog is pivotal and requires the agreement between the SEO advisor and the client on an editorial calendar.
  • Website advertisement. In this field, many competencies are involved, further than the SEO: the SEM, the Social Media Marketing, the Inbound Marketing and much more. A good advisor has a good command of SEO and off-site SEM of a website but also he/she knows other forms of digital marketing, and is able to explain the costs of these activities. With reference of advertisement campaigns of different sorts, such as Social Media Marketing, we advise mandating professionals with experience on the issue, because the originality and catchiness of your website require a degree of competence that often SEO (advisors?) simply do not have. Better to involve different people with different specialisation or an agency embedding all these professionals. In this way you can have all these services and only one point of contact: a coordinated team implies less time, resources and expenses than several different and separated professionals.

How much does an SEO consultancy cost? What is its price?

The rate of an SEO consultancy is contingent to different factors. First of all the amount of work that the advisor will perform. Therefore, before the beginning of a consultancy, always provide the SEO advisor with every data he/she needs for the issuance of a quote of his/her activities.

For sure it should be avoided to hire advisors promising standard prices without having previously studied your specific situation. The reason is simple but sometimes not clear to everybody: the SEO experts know exactly the amount of time they will work for that price and those providing with low-cost services will work for a standard amount of hours, thus delivering an output that looks complete but in fact is not.

Further than making sure that the advisor has not issued the quote without having analysed the project or website, verify that the estimated price includes the activities that the expert is about to perform, namely. It is important and ethic-bound that the advisor lists these activities, because thus you’ll know exactly what you are about to pay for and when the work is done you’ll be able to double-check that the expectations have been fully met.

There’s no standard price for SEO consultancies because every single website requires different activities (as per the renovation of a condo is different from that of a whole six-floors building). Eventually, these expedients we have just disclosed will help you in evaluating the professionalism of an SEO advisor well before you hire him/her.

If you are interested in a professional SEO consultancy, fill the form below, explain us your project and we will be happy to hear what you have in mind, advise you on how to increase the trade and enhance the ranking of a website already in place.