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We create added value for your business via personalized marketing campaigns on online searching engines


Enhance your firm with reference to the sole keywords that ACTUALLY interest in. An example? Once a dentist from Manhattan requested to rank high on Google for the word “dentist” not knowing that it was pointless (would somebody from Chicago travel for 800 miles for going to the dentist? Of course, not). By analyzing the searching keywords that actually interest you, we make sure that your budget is invested solely for keywords capable of generating economic return – in our example, keywords such “dentist Manhattan” or “teeth whitening Manhattan” and so on.


Monitor results and trending professionally. This is not a detail, it is important to monitor not only the amount of received traffic but also the quality. Together, we evaluate the kind of users visit your website, how long he/she stays, which pages does he/she visit – e-shops, for instance – and how many visitors finalize a purchase. We run together A/B tests for understanding which expedients are more remunerative, we research every aspect of the traffic in order to understand your visitor’s need so that he/she will choose you – and not your competitors- for the purchase of the product or the service.


Achieve quality links bridging to your website. You can find more information on why to do it and the related benefits by clicking here: article marketing service. Here we can anticipate that thanks to quality articles published on other websites and linking to yours, you can gain profits not only in visibility and reputation but also in the ranking of your contents on search engines, such (but not only) Google. Luckily, the age of spam and fake links is ended, Google finally punished the “smart” ones and everybody is now seeking for quality only. We cooperate with more than 700 websites, all high-quality and never penalized, available for publishing articles that promote your activity. For each publication, we double-check the data and select only links from reliable websites. You can find the results of this carefully monitored activity in our portfolio.


Invest wisely and do not waste your money on Google Adwords. Have you ever noticed that on Google there are also paid advertisements? Well, those are realized with Google Adwords, a program for creating the advertisement that will end up on Google and, according to different parameters, you pay Google for showing that advertisement. It is not an easy task, without relying on a professional the risk is spending lots of money without having a return for the investment. Since years, we run campaigns on Google Adwords, create the most suitable advertisement for you, monitor its performance and make sure that your budget is invested in best possible way. Spending wisely is a fundamental rule online, and Google Adwords makes no exception.


Menford’s staff is at your disposal for discussing the best strategy needed by your business to satisfy your goals.