How to choose the right SEO agency

It is not easy to choose a good SEO agency or a valid SEO professional: it is for sure an important role, capable of generating several benefits such as the organic placement of one’s website. Yet, at the same time, it requires loads of professionalism and specialization.

The truth is that many low-cost SEO professionals employ out-of-date strategies, which not only fail the expectations but also can generate negative externalities from Google or other search engines. A poor use of SEO is that bringing quick and cheap results without being realistic on the objectives and on the effort behind a targeted and professional SEO campaign. Top quality and low-cost do not exist together in reality and SEO, of course, makes no exception.

On this backdrop, we shall now analyse which are the requirements to be considered in the choice of a good SEO service.

Do not trust false promises

No SEO agency, honestly! none, can guarantee that since the very first day you will increase your trade. Actually, a website’s ranking online implies not only having that website the highest possible in the search engines’ SERP but also generating qualified traffic. Let’s not forget that your objective is that of achieving the conversion, thus that the user purchases your products or that he/she becomes a customer of yours. These actions depend on SEO but also on the users’ choices. In the creation of qualified traffic other factors are relevant, such as the website capability of being user-friendly. In this field, the promises of easy and quick money are as valid as a contract written on pizza wrapping paper.

The agency must offer a professional SEO Audit

Have you ever questioned why your website is not well-placed on Google? The answer can be easily given to you by the SEO Audit that your SEO professional will offer you.

What is the SEO Audit?

The SEO Audit is an analysis illustrating your website’s SEO situation, explaining which are its strength and weaknesses, the wellbeing of your competitors, the keywords to invest on and much more. If you are interested in an in-depth explanation on how to analyse your website, simply click here: how to perform a website’s SEO analysis.

This is a paramount feature and, if your and your competitors’ situation is not evaluated with care, can lead to incomplete campaigns, with partial objectives and subsequent actions, where the budget you have invested is not fully exploited. Performing an SEO Audit requires several days (even weeks for bigger websites) of preparation, expensive tools are employed and this implies costs. If an SEO agency inserts in its estimate fee a detailed SEO Audit service, most likely you are facing trustworthy and reliable people.

The agency uses an SEO calendar

Do not consider only the service that the agency or the SEO professional offers you, but also investigate its working method. The SEO is a technical activity and thus it requires lots of organization, trust us! Hence, let’s trust only those who explain clearly and with no mysteries their modus operandi because in this field –as per any other job- the organized ones achieve the best results.

An indicator capable of revealing the reliability of the agency’s organization is with no doubt the use of an SEO calendar. It is a calendar displaying what the agency does week by week, thus an instrument demonstrating the agency’s organization and that your money is actually used for the different activities the agency has to perform.

The agency offers you a SEO report

Another good indicator is the offer of the agency’s SEO report, whose frequency depends on the agency’s modus operandi and on the agreements you have undertaken.

The reports we send to our clients are twofold:

  • Performed activities. This aspect is linked to the SEO calendar we have mentioned above and aims at informing the client on the activities performed in the last month in order to enhance the placement of your website.
  • Achieved goals. This is an important issue because clients, most likely those who do not have good knowledge of the web, are not able to evaluate if an achieved result is poor, good or great. There are no fixed parameters able to immediately generate an overall evaluation valid for every situation. This is even truer considering that there are highly competitive markets –here the time required is longer- and other less competitive, where the timing is more rapid.

A good SEO agency, when performing your website’s SEO analysis will be able to tell you how competitive is your market and thus estimate the required amount of time and the expected results. The important feature is to keep in mind that in SEO the results of the first month are not enough for the understanding of a campaign’s performance; indeed it is appropriate to review the results every six months or yearly. This is another reason why a valid SEO agency will only propose agreements lasting at least six months: because they are aware of the time needed for achieving certain goals. Beware those snapping their fingers and offering one month long packages because most likely they will rely on black hat SEO techniques and this goes with a high risk of penalization for your website in the future.

Now that you have grasped when to trust (or not) an SEO agency, you are ready for requesting an estimate fee for SEO. We offer a free-of-charge estimate, simply by clicking this page: FREE-OF-CHARGE ESTIMATE FEE