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We research marketing strategies and create ad hoc web structures in order to enhance your trade

We create customized pages specialized in trade. Technically speaking what we do is creating a trade funnel, indeed as per an actual funnel we canalize the user in a narrower and narrower itinerary until he/she purchases one of your products. It is a complex technique, requesting different skills such the retargeting (basically we make sure that people seeing your ad once, will see it again) and other skills. These assets make your trade increase tremendously.

We create a pretty and easy-to-use website. A website able to bring major incomes must respect to the highest possible extent the user experience. This means that the user has to easily browse different sections of the website and interact with the page’s content. We create a good looking and easy-to-use website, through heat maps we discover the hotspot of the website to highlight and we make sure that users click on what is more important to you.


Menford’s staff is at your disposal for discussing the best strategy needed by your business to satisfy your goals.